Project documentation

Learn more about Kaze technologies, solutions, products and features. Explore how decentralized applications and projects can now benefit from the transparent, secure and decentralized Kaze blockchain to bypass scalability issues and improve transaction speed.

Kaze Whitepaper
Kaze is an innovative blockchain developed to support and power projects and decentralized applications in an ecological, transparent, scalable and truly decentralized manner.
Kaze Onepager
A short presentation describing Kaze Blockchain Technology and Agora Community-led and Collaborative Platform.
Kaze blockchain is featured by KIP, Kaze investor protection feature
Media Kit

Media and press professionals may use Kaze logos, trademarks, images and colors by referring and adhering to the instructions in the Brand Guidelines document. Images of the Kaze and Agora leadership teams can be downloaded by clicking Headshots.

KAZE logo
Kaze & Agora logos for Print and Web
Leadership and Speakers
KAZE Overview
Solutions and Benefits
Brand Guidelines
For Logos and Trademarks

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