Agora Community-led and
Collaborative Platform
25'000'000 Kaze COINs Community Fund
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Shared Values
Stability, universality, respect and transparency – these are the four cornerstones of Agora community. These values are the foundation of the success of the Kaze ecosystem.
Collaborative Work
Agora Platform helps project owners or initiators in their search for members with a specific set of skills, enabling to add value to their project.
Smart Contracts
Kaze smart contract system allows developers and project owners across the world to quickly and easily carry out the development of new blockchain-based project.
Kaze and stream native cryptocurrencies are used to reward members for their contribution in a project and for helping keeping the network safe.
Due Diligence
An engaged community working in an effort to help projects they care for adding their own skills and experience improves viability and chances of success.
Initial Coin Offering
By choosing Kaze to initiate an ICO will allow project owners to take advantage of the safety and scalability Kaze Core provides without technical overhead and complexity.
Proof of Concept
Unlike traditional Crowdfunding Platform, Kaze Agora enables the community to participate in the project development and be rewarded for it.
Community-led Fund
25% of Kaze representing 25’000’000 coins are stored on a custody account, the “Agora Wallet” and are to be managed as community fund.