Kaze Blockchain Solutions
A secure, scalable and collaborative ecosystem for blockchain applications and smart contracts
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Fastest blockchain
High Performance, Fast Speed, Low Fees
Atomic Swap Ready
Allows users to swap Kaze currency to another cryptocurrency without the use of an exchange
Quantum Resistant
Secured against future attacks by quantum computers
Fault tolerant, Attack resistant, Collusion resistant, Not one single entity has control over all the processing
Low electricity consumption and environmental impact
We Speak your language
Use your preferred coding language. The Kaze blockchain is Java, C#, C++ and Python compatible.
Equipped with APIs and SDKs
Easy-to-use and quick-to-implement interfaces
Able to sustainably grow projects, as well as cater to large-scale plans and developments that require speed and efficiency
100x lower fees
Kaze has 100 times lower fees than NEO
1000x faster
Kaze is 1000 times faster than Ethereum
Kaze Investor Protection
KIP is embedded in the Kaze code to protect investments and allow investors to vote on how funds are used and allocated by the developers and project owners
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Kaze blockchain
Kaze Core Engine combines advanced distributed ledger technology (DLT) with dBFT consensus and P2P conventions.
Kaze Investor Protection (KIP)
KIP-featured ICOs protect investors from downturns in the market, and mismanagement of project assets and funds through a mechanism embedded onto the Kaze blockchain.
KAZE coin and STREAM
KAZE coin is a cryptocurrency created for individuals, companies and institutions. Kaze STREAM can be earned in exchange for work, services and other contributions to the network by community members.
Q1 2018
Kaze Core Engine, Core Wallet, KAZE coin and Kaze STREAM.
Q2 2018
Kaze Blockchain Explorer, securing network through Masternodes, incorporation of Kaze AG, creation of Light Wallet, Private Sale, testing smart contract developers kit
Q3 2018
Kaze Monitor, public sale, listing on exchanges, Agora Platform MVP
Q4 2018
Kaze Payment Gateway, Prepaid Kaze/Stream Coin Debit card, Golang Implementations
Q1 2019
Optimizing Consensus Model, opensource license release, private chain
Q2 2019
Multi consensus model, Kaze Foundation, Hive framework

Thanks to the Agora platform, Kaze community members can now launch their own projects, ones they firmly believe in but could not have achieved on their own.

This can be a non-profit project, a business idea or a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Community members, can also take an active part in a third party project of their choice.

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At KAZE we belive that the success of a team depends on its diversity and shared values
Søren Fog
Co-founder and Board Member, Crypto Valley Association
Steve Müller
Cofounder Bitcore - BTX
Ian Simpson
Marketing & Communications | Crypto Valley
Our team
At Kaze, we believe that the success of a team depends upon its diversity and shared values.
Mohammad Sayadi
Founder & CEO
Petr Masek
Co-Founder & CFO
Leeanne Abapo Senn
Chief Operations Officer
Elnaz Soltani
System Administrator
Gabriella Ferenc
Chief Sales Officer
Vladimir Cip
Legal & Business Development Advisor
Christian Meiser
Legal Advisor
Banmeet Arora
Exchange Relation Director
Nikki bischoff
Community Manager
Daniel Dohne
Head Developer & product manager
David Bisschoff
Social Media Coordinator
Ratko Stambolija
bounty management Partner
Julien Seux
Senior Business developer
Martin Kaplan
Alibek Kulseitov
Dinara Talassova
Graphic Designer
Alexander Rezeš
Customer support
Iman Khoshabi

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